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Competitive Ace is focused on Brand Managing and providing the most elite, top quality products in the world of competition. We are your source for Boxing Liniment and Lo-Bloo Groin Cup System products.

Our mission is to bring to market and distribute only the highest quality products to the Martial Arts and athletic communities.

Community Initiatives
We support the Martial Art of Muay Thai in North America and those that play a pivotal role in its growth and

Thai Martial Arts Exhibit Project

Our goal was to have Muay Thai presented along side the other great Martial Arts in the Martial Arts History Museum. Located in Burbank, California, the museum is the only museum of its kind, created to showcase the different martial arts and the cultures around each one. It is not a who's who photo gallery of every champion
or hero from each art, but rather an exhibit museum designed for people from all walks of life and different disciplines.

We have undertaken the goal of incorporating a Thailand / Muay Thai exhibit into the museum. Since 2009, we have been actively coordinating the efforts to make this a success and welcome participation from others.

If you would like to support this exhibit, we are accepting donations of desired items, funds, or you can become a member of the museum. Questions can be submitted to the following email or image below: