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Lo-Bloo December 27, 2013
Reviewer: Brett Hlavacek from New York City
I have been using this cup since last June and it's the most comfortable one yet. I can put it on by myself and it doesn't move around at all. I wore it for my last fight at Glory 9 NYC and in Thailand for three weeks training and have not had one problem with it. Great product!

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groin cup September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Kevin Ross from Dublin, CA
Been using the groin cup now for a few months and out of all the ones that I have used in the past this one is definitely the best. Works great and is very comfortable and easy to use!!!
by Kevin "The Soul Assassin" Ross - Professional Top 10 ranked Muay Thai Fighter and Coach.

Review of Namman Muay Liniment November 18, 2010
Reviewer: Khun Kru Pete Peterson from Roundkick Gym-Urbandale and Carroll, Iowa.
I have used Namman Muay Thaiboxing liniment religiously over several years when training hard for a fight. Applying Namman Muay to my shins before and after workouts that consist of repeated kicking to the heavy bag or Thai pads has been crucial for my longevity and recovery. I rarely bruise up anymore and I'm able to "drive thru" the pads or bag with much more sustained force. I personally recommend Namman Muay to ALL Muay Thai or MMA athletes. IT will help take your training to the next level!!

Best Product Ever November 16, 2010
Reviewer: Kimberly Wiesner from Naples, FL United States
The Namman Muay Thai liniment is the highest quality product my fiance and I have worked with. We are both massage therapists and personal trainers in Naples, FL. We offer a variety of therapeutic services and we always incorporate the Thai liniment into our treatments. Our clients have raved about the immediate benefits they feel when we use this product on them. Aside from our business, my fiance is a professional MMA fighter and the thai liniment is a MUST in his training regimen. The liniment offers an immediate warming agent. I highly recommend these products from Competitive Ace, they are fairly priced and they get the products out to you very quickly. Once you try these products you'll understand :)

Life Saver November 16, 2010
Reviewer: scott gough from norcross, GA United States
It's been 20 years since I first starting using Namman Muay Oil and I haven't looked back since. After many years of fighting Namman Muay Oil has been the number 1 piece of training equipment that I try to keep in my gym bag. After letting others in the gym try Namman Muay Oil for the first time my bottle usually grows legs and disappears, so I know it's the best when it's hard to keep hold of.

Seems to work! November 16, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Illinois
I needed something to help sore muscles after Muay Thai practice. Namman Muay seemed to help - it certainly smelled nice. My legs and arms weren't sore either!